Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

If you read my blog regularly, cast your mind back to early December when I wrote all about tracking my sleep and how it was benefitting my sleeping pattern and habits. Now I’m back for another sleep related feature but this time it’s all about the thing you sleep on; your mattress!

Hopefully you are aware that having a bad mattress can give you back problems as well as a bad sleeping pattern, but if you’ve paid attention to any of those bed adverts on the TV, you’ll know that you should change your mattress every 8 years roughly. 8 years ago, Bob & I were 18 and lived at home with hand me down mattresses as you do, and unsurprisingly when we bought our first house last year, one of said hand me down’s came with us.

Fast forward 6 months and the lovely folks at Leesa dropped me an email to offer me one of their amazing mattresses: BRILLIANT!

(how the Leesa Mattress arrived – can you believe it’s in there?!)

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How to make any garden look Pinterest worthy

Yes it may still be January but I can’t lie, I’m already planning how my garden may look this summer. Once it starts getting a bit brighter and drier, we plan to get out into the garden and make it look beautiful again.

We bought our home just under 7 months ago and were lucky to have some beautiful weather not long after moving in. Our family gave us a table and chairs to sit outside on and several evenings were spent in the company of friends enjoying a good drink. The plan is to make the garden look Pinterest worthy again and make it come alive after all this horrid cold weather we’ve been having. I’m always browsing sites to find quirky furniture or lighting and came across Cox & Cox Outdoor Living range.

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My house looks so bare!

At the start of this week, Bob & I made the decision to take our Christmas Tree down and pack it away in the loft. My first thought was how all the lovely festive cheer was over and done with for a whole year. My second thought was “Oh Pants – my house is gonna look bare!”

Here was our lovely Tree:

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