3 Essentials That You Need in Your Home

Whether it happens that you’re renting or own a property of your own, your home can provide a sense of security. There are many ways to ensure that you feel safe and secure in your home and one is by making sure you have things that help and protect you at arm’s length at all times. In addition, it’s imperative that you have essentials that you may need in case of an emergency or dangerous situation you may be facing at home. Although what exactly these essentials are may vary from person to person, this article is going to list three that you should consider for your home.

First Aid Kit

When thinking about essentials that you need in your home, a first aid kit should be one of the first to come to mind. This is because you never know when you may have a minor accident whether it be cutting yourself in the kitchen or spraining an ankle. In light of this, you should try to ensure that you always have a first aid kit at hand. Some things that you may need in your kit are plasters in different shapes and sizes, sterile gauze dressings, antiseptic cream, tweezers, as well as various types of bandaging. 

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Saving for our own Home

All my recent posts about moving or doing up our house have made me reminisce about our own journey to owning this house and how we managed to save for it. We purchased our house in a village called Stamford Bridge which is around 10 miles East of York and if you’ve ever driven to Bridlington; then you’ve driven through it. If you fancy seeing just the highlights then you can watch the video I recently filmed with Post Office Money below.

We purchased our house which you can see above (this was the first photo we ever saw of the house when it came on the market), in June 2016 for £250’000.00. It was the absolute top of our budget at the time but we instantly fell in love with it once we’d been round it and put an offer in within 30 minutes of leaving the property. 12 Hours later on Saturday morning we had a call from the estate agents to advise us the property was ours and we were over the moon! The journey to this point was a rollercoaster and we had to cut back on things as well as compromise on our original location in a bid to get to that stage but I wanted to share that it is in fact do-able.

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Things to Think About Before Moving in With a Partner

Making the decision to move in with a loved one is a big decision to make. You could be thinking of doing so because you’ve recently decided to take your relationship to a new level or because you want to start a family. Whatever the case, whether you’re married or not, choosing to live under the same roof can have many implications. It is, therefore, important to do adequate research before making the big move. In addition to doing your homework, having honest conversations with your partner is also essential. On that note, you will find a few things to consider before moving in with a loved one below.

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