Beating the Christmas Bulge

This is not a pre-christmas-post christmas workout plan so don’t be alarmed!

Today on the blog, I’m telling you my thoughts about Exante’s christmas range and how it’s helping me beat any post-christmas bulge.

The christmassy options from Exante include, a chai latte shake, irish cream shake, and gingerbread latte shake as well as some of their usual products; chocolate muesli and chocolate orange meal replacement bar.

After trying out lots of their other products in recent months which you can read about HERE, I jumped at the chance to try out some more Christmassy options. I was slightly apprehensive of the flavoured shakes but wanted to give it a go, so bit the bullet one morning.

The results were: I loved them all! They taste incredible and it’s made me want to rush out to a coffee shop and buy a gingerbread latte now I know I love the flavour. These products are fab at keeping hunger pangs at bay and leaving you fuller for longer. I definitely found I snacked less and if I did want a snack, I chose fruit as an option.

Overall I have been really impressed with this diet range having never been a big diet person in the past. On the run up to my wedding in May, I plan to use these as much as possible to maintain my size and fit into my wedding dress on the day. The plus side of using them in the run up to Christmas is that any weight I’ve lost, may be gained again at Christmas but it won’t have as big an impact hopefully.

Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for reading as always.

Laura x

*this has been a collaborative post with Exante diet*

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Getting My Exante on…

It’s now just about 7 months until our wedding! (Screams at the fact that I am struggling with wedding planning so much right now) 

One of the biggest things on my list has been trying to feel good about myself; mind & body. That means trying to get a better nights sleep and not get stressed too much as well as trialling some new skincare out to try to clear my skin. Recently I’ve been testing out some health & protein products from Exante Diet to try to build up the protein in my diet and ultimately tone up for the wedding day.


Exante offers a range of different diet plans and using the website, you can input some information about yourself that allows the website to choose the appropriate plans for you. Some of the main benefits of the Exante diet plans include:

  • Its affordable
  • No calorie counting involved
  • Flexible options to suit your dieting goals
  • No subscription is required
  • High protein, low-carb weight management meals to help you stay fuller for longer

Yes I used my products slightly different to most in that I’m not trying to lose a huge amount of weight and would rather eat more protein to tone up, but that just proves how versatile the programmes can be.

Now it’s time to share some much-needed photos of the products and my thoughts about them, so here goes.

The muesli is up first and this was one of my favourite products of everything I tried. It was really yummy and filled me up for a morning of errands and jobs in the house which is fab.

Then came the porridge which was yum again and I even used the chocolate syrup on top which added a little extra something to it.

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Then came the protein shakes; chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Surprisingly my favourite one was the strawberry which is usually the one I hate. It was really nice and didn’t taste protein like at all. I wasn’t a huge fan of chocolate or vanilla on this occasion but I would definitely get the strawberry again in future.

Processed with Snapseed.


Then the many snack bars etc that I tried…

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Every single bar was yum and I was really taken back by how much they filled me up and left me wanting to snack on junk a lot less. Normally I’m a massive snacker on crisps and biscuits but these curbed my appetite for rubbish and left me fuller for a lot longer. If I had to choose my top 3 it’s the Peanut Butter bar, the chocolate protein wafer and the chocolate caramel bar. Everything tasted great though and I would recommend them to anyone.

Overall I have been really impressed with the Exante diet plan and having had quite a negative view of diet plans in the past, I think my mind has been swayed. This plan definitely shows flexibility and how it can be used for weight gain as well as weight loss. If you visit the website you will find they have great offers on all the time meaning you can grab quite the bargain if you want to try it out without a huge expense straight away. If it works for you then great and you won’t be disappointed by the range on offer, which you can find here!

Laura x

*these products were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, all thoughts and photos are my own as usual*

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Forza Shake It Slim: a tasty way to get slim

Having been on a pretty indulgent holiday in June, July slapped me in the face with the realisation that my fitness journey had come to an abrupt stop.

I worked my butt off on the run up to my holiday and since getting home from Lanzarote, I feel like I’m bloated, my skin’s a mess and I feel like a potato (YES I SAID POTATO!)

When Forza Supplements got in touch offering me the chance to review their shake it slim shakes, I quickly took them up on said offer, looking forward to giving me a head start again with getting healthier. They sent me a 7 day supply of the shakes which come in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry and are only 204 calories each!


If I’m honest, I’m not a fad dieter and actually hate dieting as it makes me pretty miserable. I was a little sceptical about how I was going to get on with these shakes but decided to start with breakfast one morning and chose the sachet of Strawberry powder first. I absolutely hate Strawberry flavoured drinks so I thought I was going to have to gulp it down at first, but boy was I wrong. The drink was lovely and creamy tasting even though it’s only powder and water. It wasn’t too sweet but just sweet enough to make it feel less like a meal replacement option and more like a treat.


After my surprise wore off I tested the other flavours again during other mealtimes and found them to be equally enjoyable and yummy every time. I have noticed my stomach is a little less bloated which is fab and I wasn’t left feeling hungry either meaning I have been snacking less too.

Here’s the lowdown on my thoughts:

Would I buy these again?

Yup, I think as a week-long option to get healthy these are fab, but it’s not a long-term solution.

How much are the shakes?

A 7 day supply like mine costs £18.99

What was my favourite flavour?

Surprisingly it was the Strawberry which completely shocked me.

I hope you’ve liked this little health/weight loss post and it has inspired you to maybe try something a little different.

Laura x

*the shakes were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review. all thoughts are my own as usual.*

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