Soul Insoles: a treat for your feet

My feet have taken one hell of a whack this pregnancy but fingers crossed, so far I’ve managed to avoid any swelling. When I say they’ve suffered I refer to the lack of ability to put ones shoes on and the reliance of slip on sandals which don’t always offer a great deal of support.

When I was sent some insoles to put to the test, I wasn’t sure what to expect. That probably sounds ridiculous but I’ve never needed to use insoles before so I wasn’t sure what they would feel like or whether I would like the idea of wearing them.

Souls Insoles are designed specifically for us pregnant ladies out there and are made to support your feet and arches throughout pregnancy.

As I’ve progressed throughout pregnancy, I have noticed that day-to-day the ability to see my feet is starting to slip out of my grasp and soon no doubt, I won’t be able to see them at all. This poses a problem for making sure they are well looked after but this is where the insoles have come in super handy.

The pair I received were Poppy Red as you can see, but you can also get them in Royal Purple, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Slate Grey and Silver, so a pair for most kind of shoes really and are a bargain at the moment at £19.99.

If you didn’t already know, hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy release a hormone called “Relaxin”. This loosens all the ligaments and tendons in you body including those in your feet; causing your arches to fall and increasing the size of your foot by a whole shoe size! As if your body doesn’t get big enough your feet suffer too.

I’ve been trying these out in my work shoes and trainers and have definitely felt a different level of comfort to anything I’ve worn before. Shoes aren’t always the comfiest creation especially when lots of ladies like to wear gorgeous shoes that cripple their feet. These insoles have a cushioned section in the arch that provides a good level of support and comfort when you’re out and about or stood on your feet for a period of time. In my job I’m office based but regularly find myself moving about to meetings etc so these have been a lifesaver at seeing me through my last trimester. I have 9 weeks to go and these will stick with me no doubt until she is here and even beyond if I can’t bear to part with them.

If you have long-suffering feet and are pregnant then I would definitely recommend these to help you relieve some of that pressure.

Laura x

*These items were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, no payment has been received and all thoughts and content are my own*

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British Fashion Through The Years

Fashion is a wonderful thing. It allows you to express yourself through your appearance and is a great ice breaker. If you are one to follow trends or want to bring back previous ones, check out this infographic to explore British fashion from the year 1950 to present day. You will soon discover all you need to know about the stereotypes that have shaped British fashion culture. From Teddy Boys to Goths, Mods to Skinheads, Rockers to Ravers; there has certainly been an array of trends that are likely to come back to popularity. If you are looking for some fresh new clothes that’ll be sure to keep you looking fashionable for years to come, check out  Stand-out for reasonably priced designer garments. Fashion will forever be one of the most interesting trends to date and this infographic will be sure to help you stay in the loop.

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Looking after my feet in pregnancy

I’m edging ever closer to my third trimester and pregnancy is absolutely flying by now. The first 20 weeks flew because we were planning the wedding and once the wedding had passed, it seemed that we had several slow weeks where I was getting bigger but it still felt like ages away until baby is with us. Needless to say it seems to be speeding up again and we are looking forward to getting the nursery decorated and the travel system on order.

The worst bit of late has been the unbearable heat that the UK had for a week or two. I know I shouldn’t complain about nice weather but when you’re too big to fit your normal clothes, heat is your nemesis. One thing I have taken to is wearing sandals a lot lately, mainly because they’re easy to get on and off and because they don’t squish my feet. The downside to wearing sandals a lot is that they don’t really offer you a lot of support all the time and your poor soles get sore. Well now it’s time to say goodbye to that problem and actually look after my tootsies.

When Vionic offered me the chance to review a pair of their sandals, I won’t lie; there was a pretty big smile on my face. I’ve always wanted a pair of sandals that look nice but are also good for the feet and these Nala T-Strap sandals are just that.

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