Comb: A Shopper’s dream App

About a week or 2 ago I was a part of a #FBlogger chat about a new Fashion App called Comb. I was really intrigued to download it and find out a bit more. It’s really simple to use which is amazing because I do not count myself as a tech savvy person and always avoid downloading many apps as I normally hate working them out.

Once you have created an account on the app which you can do by linking it to your facebook, you can start straight away. The idea is that you can take a picture of whatever you fancy whether it’s a pattern, a piece of clothing or a picture and the app will literally “Comb” for similar items of clothing. You can then break it down to a category i.e. dress, tops, trousers and so on.


Once you have taken a picture it will comb through and bring up the matches like below. I took a picture of a texture on my jumper and it brought up similar items. The prices will range from affordable to designer high end stuff which when I win the lottery, I will be snapping up in a hurry.


Now here for the techy bit from the people behing the app:

“You might be wondering how this super cool app works, well the software behind the app was created at the Imperial College from a team of computer scientists with more PHDs than we have handbags! The company behind the software,Cortexica, also power the apps of some of the worlds biggest retailers, like Macy’s, Zalando, and – their software has been called the Shazam of Fashion!”

I would throughly recommend this app to anyone who has those moments where they see something or like a pattern and want to know where there are similar items out there. It’s free to download so get moving people!


Laura x

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2015 Blog sale

As you may have read on my previous posts, I am buying a house at the moment and have realised that I need to be productive and start having a clear out. I thought I would start by listing a few items on here and seeing how I get on before Ebaying or potential Depop sale. I will be listing mainly clothing and shoes and all are branded and fairly priced.

Here’s how this will work:

– If you like something then leave me a comment or email me at letting me know what you want and we can then discuss postage.

– I will send instructions re how to pay by paypal which will be the method of payment. Once received I will then wrap the item/s and send them out, letting you know by email that I have sent them. I will try and post items with 3-4 days of payment being received and will a few days for payment unless we have spoken about it before.

So here we go….


Topshop Boucle dress size 8. It’s a gorgeous dress but I’ve only worn it once and need to get rid of some. £10 + postage


Primark alpine Jersey blazer size 8. Again another item that looks great on and is really comfy but I just don’t wear it anymore. £6 + postage


Primark peach and black kimono size 8. Have worn this quite a bit but still in fantastic condition. Have quite a few of these that are similar for holidays etc. £4 + postage


New Lo

ok baby blue crepe crop top size 10. Never worn but took the tags off. Not my cup of tea as I ordered it online and found it doesn’t suit me. £5 + postage


New Look knee high boots size 3, never worn. got the wrong size and have since got the right size now. £15 + postage


Primark Frozen t-shirt with a Let it Go motif and elsa. Worn once but I have another frozen themed tee that I prefer. size 10 but is quite oversized. £4 + Postage


New Look cami tops in a chiffon style material. very popular and i have 2 others in different colours but these are the wrong size. Both are size 10, one is khaki and one coral. £5 each + postage

I will be listing more as the next few weeks go on and am willing to negotiate prices, just looking to get rid of a lot of stuff before moving.


Laura x

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It’s a Grey Day

Happy Thursday! The weather may be grim but here’s some grey buys to brighten your day.

I wanted to share my recent colour love of pale grey. I have spent hours looking through pinterest for home inspiration and decided to put together a collage of my favourite grey looks on the market right now. All of the items are from John Lewis or Next as I have been obsessed with them both recently after looking at furniture.


The first picture if of this beautiful Cocoon coat from Oasis. As you would expect, it’s on sale in John Lewis and Oasis themselves here. It’s currently retailing for £80 and I have been awe since I first laid eyes on it. Maybe when my house purchase has all gone through then I may have to treat myself to a house warming gift.

The next picture along is a gorgeous Grey Lace cami dress from next. It’s for sale at a price of £60 currently and I have major envy for this one. I love the cami style of dresses and it would be perfect for the summer.

The Jumper dress next to it is from John Lewis again and is from Whistles. The price is £95 and I have to say if I had the money to go and splurge I would have clicked checkout my basket already. It’s super gorgeous and makes me feel very Rebecca Bloomwood. (aka confessions of a shopaholic for those who don’t get the reference)

The amazing Snake-print Carvela shoes are from John Lewis again and have a price tag of £125. Some may say hefty, I would say necessary investment. I have a wardrobe full of shoes but if I won the lottery I’m confident I would buy as many as possible to need a walk in wardrobe just for shoes. Aren’t they beautiful?

The Yumi Collared shift dress, I found on the Next website for a price of £45. I love that it would work for a casual look as well as a dress for work or a smarter occasion. The collar is a check print and think it really flatters the pale grey of the dress.

Lastly is the stunning Whistles Oversized shirt dress again from John Lewis. Another beauty that strikes me as a Carrie Bradshaw look. The price is £140 but such a staple piece that would work time and time again.

All the prices I have quoted are current at the time of writing this post (22.1.15)

I hope you have enjoyed my little grey snippet and have created a pinterest board as well. Hope you can have a look and follow if you like what you see.


Laura x

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