Faking that Pregnancy Glow Part 3

Another mid-week and another in my mini-series for faking that pregnancy glow.

As with before I won’t bore you with the detail but I would suggest you go back and read my first 2 posts here and here.

Now you’ve popped back and read my previous posts, you will know this is a collaboration with Beauty Base and I’m sharing some of my favourite highlighting products in order to fake that perfect pregnancy glow.

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#DiscoverOrigins with Em Sheldon

This week I had the absolute pleasure of being one of the lucky selected few to attend the #DiscoverOrigins event in the new York store hosted by the lovely Em Sheldon.

I will hold my hands up at this early stage and say that Origins was not a brand I had ever tried. I was familiar with them and had seen Em rave about their products but had never plucked up the courage to spend the pennies in case it didn’t work for me. If you’re familiar with York, then the store is located down Stonegate near Little Betty’s and occupies the most characterful building with impressive original beams and slightly wonky feeling. This is part of the charm of a lot of buildings located in York and is one of the many reasons I love living a stone’s throw outside the city.

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Faking that Pregnancy Glow Part 2

Hello again to those of you who read my first post on Monday about faking that “pregnancy glow” in collaboration with Beauty Base.

If you didn’t read my post and are just tuning in now, then grab a brew and catch up here.

I don’t want to get into a super long post about the challenge as it is what it says on the tin; faking that pregnancy glow when pregnancy has been cruel and not given you that natural looking one. I reviewed the W7 Glow Guru on Monday and today I am trying out the Technic Prism Rainbow Highlighter in all it’s sparkly glory.

Let’s recap here was my before face…

After face using just some concealer and powder…

The products before I took a brush to them…

Now onto the review.

As you can see just from the swatch on the back of my hand, the rainbow highlighter is extremely sparkly. I was concerned a little about putting this on my face and looking like I’d just rolled my cheek in glitter, however used sparingly, it has a great effect.

You can see the subtle sheen on my cheekbone in the above picture showing the highlighter when used. As I say, with a light brush you can just give your cheek a gentle highlight however it would be easy to get carried away and put too much on to start with and then needing to rub some off with a tissue.

I did notice later in the day I still had a nice glittery effect on my cheek making this the perfect highlighter for an evening out more than just heading to work like I first put it on for.

Overall I love this product as it is extremely girly and could convert even the most highlighter-phobe out there. At a bargain £3.99 at the moment it’s an absolute steal and bang on trend with all the unicorn items on the market at the moment.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next part of the series going live at the weekend and as always, thanks for reading.

Laura x

*this is a collaborative post with BeautyBase, all content and photos are my own as usual*
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