My John Lewis baby sale picks

I am an avid visitor to our local John Lewis store and go every Tuesday to a parent and baby coffee morning which is fabulous and a lovely atmosphere. I pretty much always end up in the baby section browsing the clothes they have on offer or whenever I’m at home, I’m on their website searching instead.

As a massive baby clothes hoarder for future sizes (yes you read that correctly), I thought I’d share some of my favourite online bargains from their site. (I love stocking up for Freya’s next couple of sizes btw so she’s in 6-9 months now but I have all her 9-12 months almost sorted and started getting 12-18 months as well. Yes I’m crazy but I do put her old clothes in charity bags/sell them/keep neutral stuff for future babies, so I’m not buried under a mountain of baby clothes just for reference.)

Hello T-shirt // Poodle Sweatshirt Dress // Cat Romper // Knitted Romper // Pack of 2 Bodysuits // Panda Slippers

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I will be aiming to share these posts every time John Lewis has a sale on or some kind of offers as I really do love their clothing for kids and how a lot of it is gender neutral. I love picking out bits that I know I could keep for our next baby eventually and it would be suitable for a boy or girl as well as getting the odd pink item for Freya that I know she will look adorable in.

Laura x

*Post contains affiliate links*

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Doing Bedtime right with Usborne Books

Since Freya was a little dot, we’ve always tried to have a bedtime routine that consists of bath, bottle and book and then bed (hopefully). Obviously this hasn’t always gone to plan and sometimes she’s decided she’d rather sing songs or play instead of sleep. Now she’s 6.5 months old, she understands when we say bath time to her and gets excited as she loves the bath and knows what’s coming afterwards.

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A Tu Clothing Baby Splurge

It’s not a lie that when it comes to baby clothes, I have a bit of a shopping addiction; great for Freya but not so great for the bank balance of someone on maternity leave!

When it comes to shopping for her, I try to think practically now she is trying to move about more but I can’t help myself when it comes to cute outfits and shopping for girls is definitely fun. I recently went to Tu at Sainsburys and picked up a few bits in 9-12 months upwards as she has so much already for 6-9 months, but I’m slowly starting to fill that size as all the shops are having sales at the moment. Here are the items I picked up for her.

I fell in love with the print on this top and leggings set immediately and bought them in 9-12 months.

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