A Guide for visiting Hospitals

I’m 7 months pregnant and officially entering the Third and Final Trimester of my first pregnancy; and worries are now starting to creep their way into my mind.

I’ve been trying to do as much reading as possible when it comes to pregnancy without becoming that person who reads everything they believe and so far so good when it comes to myth-busting.

One thing that will start to increase now is visits to the Midwife or Hospital visits so we become familiar with our surroundings. Baby Moore is an active little thing and a right fidget taking after her dad of course so my wish is that she is content in there and healthy but doesn’t feel the need to exceed her 40 weeks stay in my belly.

When it comes to visiting the hospital, so far we have been 3 times for scans and everything has been pretty routine, however if you’re not comfortable visiting a hospital it can be pretty daunting. I thought I’d share some useful tips that might help put your mind at ease if you are visiting a hospital yourself as a patient or visiting someone else.

Ask for directions.

This may sound pretty simple but if your hospital is big, it is so easy to take a wrong direction an end up at the opposite end of where you need to be. Check out the hospital’s map and then if you still aren’t sure, ask someone for help.

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Take Hand Sanitizer.

You will more than likely notice lots of these dotted around the hospital anyway but I always carry extra in my bag as a failsafe. It’s not that the hospital isn’t clean, but you don’t want to contaminate the area where there is potentially very ill people so this is thoughtful more than anything else.

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Think about the Surroundings before buying gifts.

This might sound strange but if you are visiting someone who is in a ward with other patients you may want to think twice about buying them flowers as a pick me up. What if someone in a nearby bed has a bad allergy? Again this is just something to think about when planning a visit and might mean you think about your pick me up present a little differently.

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Maybe that cigarette beforehand isn’t a good idea?

I drive past the hospital on the way to my mums house and always see people stood outside having a cigarette. These might be visitors or patients themselves but the smell could be a little too much for someone inside to handle. If you smoke it’s worthwhile thinking twice about whether you can wait to light up until after your visit.

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I felt that it would be a good time to share my #HospitalHelpingHand given the frequency of my visits will increase soon and also as a collaborative post with Slater and Gordon who want to make sure that visiting a loved one in hospital is as easy as possible and how you should prepare before going to the hospital itself. I have quite a few blog posts planned for the next few weeks as I get back into blogging a bit more before baby’s arrival but hopefully this has given you some food for thought and a slightly different take on my usual lifestyle posts.

Laura x

(this has been a collaborative post with Slater and Gordon, all content is my own and photo credit has been given.)


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Pinching the Pennies During Pregnancy

I’m just over 5.5 months pregnant now and boy has it flown by. As we’ve now surpassed the halfway mark, Bob and I have been thinking about our finances and it made me decide to do a series of penny-pinching posts for pregnant ladies out there.

I’m kicking it off with a major pregnant lady pain: fighting stretch-marks and body care.

I’m a beauty hoarder by nature so my stash of products at home is somewhat insane. Rather than running out to purchase all those products that are labelled “Stretch-Mark Fighting”, I have made it my mission to use all my products up first before spending money unnecessarily. This includes using skincare or face care products up as well before spending more money.

It’s easy to get sucked into buying oodles of products that say they are stretch mark fighting and don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought a couple at the start of my pregnancy. What they don’t tell you is that you should be applying this stuff 2-3 times a day and at that rate, you are working through a bottle/tub a week! Who has that kind of money?

I made the decision to just use what I have at home first which includes several tubs of body butters and body lotions that all promote healthy, supple skin. I’ve been using these twice a day as advised and so far so good in terms of my skin looking and feeling great.

I’m going to keep sharing the progress of my skin journey as I know there will be lots of mums-to-be out there who share the same worries when it comes to combatting stretch marks.

This is the first in the series of penny-pinching posts during pregnancy and coming up we will share a before and after of our nursery as we decorate it without breaking the bank, ways to cut back on spending and bargain buys for baby.

I hope you find the series useful and I would love to read your comments if you do.

Laura x

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Pregnancy: The First Trimester

If you follow me on social media then a couple of weeks ago you would have seen that I announced my pregnancy.

That’s right I’m another pregnant blogger! It feels like this year has been the year of bloggers announcing their pregnancies and it’s a fab time to be part of the community and share the ups and downs with.

I’m now just over 17 weeks pregnant and well into my 2nd trimester so feel it’s about time I share my thoughts about my first trimester. It’s important to remember that every pregnancy is different so what I’ve been through is different to other lovely mums-to-be out there.

We found out I was pregnant right at the start of February which seems like forever ago and at a mere 4-5 weeks pregnant, it felt like a slog until the glorious 12 week scan when you get to see your baby for the first time.

I did have a little scare at 7.5 weeks and ended up having an early pregnancy scan which showed us our little kidney bean sized baby and that things were doing ok!

In terms of pregnancy symptoms I didn’t experience morning sickness which was fantastic but instead was whacked with afternoon nausea which kicked in at 3:30pm and lasted until 7pm every night. This lasted 3-4 weeks and when it finally stopped, I was relieved to be able to eat my evening meal without feeling sick all the time.

The other symptom that started immediately and has remained on and off has been crazy hormone skin. That’s right ZITS galore have appeared on my face which is not ideal given I get married in 3 weeks!!! Luckily I’ve ditched a lot of skincare and am favouring simple cleansing and moisturising which has helped this to ease in the most recent weeks.

Lastly I started to notice the feeling of tiredness and bloating and boy do these both suck. I haven’t been able to fasten my jeans together for a few weeks which is crappy and have instead resolved myself to using a hair bobble to fasten them. The tiredness hasn’t eased at all and just a couple of hours activity absolutely shatters me. Every day at work around 3pm I think it would be great to have a little nap but have to power through and then collapse on the sofa when I get home.

Needless to say it has taken some getting used to and with the wedding on the horizon as well it has been lots to take in, but is also super exciting and both Bob & I are thrilled at the prospect of becoming parents in October. We will hopefully find out the gender of our baby in a couple of weeks and I will be sharing more baby related posts with you along the way.

Thanks for taking the time to read the first of my pregnancy/baby related posts and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

Laura x

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