The Baby Shower

On Sunday 10th September, I had the pleasure of hosting my friends and family round my gaff for Baby Moore’s shower.

A mere 9 days later, Freya decided to make an early appearance into the world with my waters breaking like something from a soap or film. (I’ll be writing about that later this week when I share my labour story on the blog.)

If I’m completely honest, I took hardly any photos and I’m so glad I was phone free the whole time as I just loved spending time with the wonderful ladies in my life. The above photo was my very pregnant self and two ladies who were my bridesmaids back in May but have also been my friends for 6-7 years now. As mum’s of boys themselves, they were super excited that my little bundle was a girl.

The baby shower was full of games like “How well do you know the mum to be?”, “Fill in the missing words from the nursery rhyme” and Baby Fact or Fiction. We feasted on samosas, fizzy dummy sweets and nibbles and it was the perfect way to spend the day.

Having helped plan friends baby showers in the past, I’m always on the lookout for quirky games/gifts that are a bit more out of the box. This baby shower tea gift set is a fab way of giving the gift of afternoon tea or a brew for a mama in need once baby arrives as well as hopefully putting a smile on someone’s face.

The set comes in different volumes as well as tea flavours including English breakfast, Earl Grey, a mixture of the two or assorted flavours. I love the motivational quotes on each tea bag which as a new mum now, would certainly put a smile on my face when making myself a much-needed brew.

To celebrate my new-found mum-life, I’m giving away a full set of these baby shower tea gift sets with 16 tea bags inside as pictured above. To enter please use the rafflecopter below and entry is UK only. The winner will be selected at random after 7 days and contacted via email.

Happy Entering!

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Laura x

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The “If Money was no object” Baby Wishlist

I’ve seen lots of posts whilst being pregnant and read dozens and dozens of must-have baby guides or wish lists. The fact of the matter is, having a baby isn’t cheap and the list of things you must buy and want to buy can be 2 completely unrelated lists at the end of the day. Bobby and I have tried to be really frugal with money so that I can have a full 12 months off on maternity leave, whilst still being able to pay the mortgage and bills and hopefully have a holiday before I go back to work as well.

This has meant taking hand-me-downs from a anyone that’s offered them, buying bits and bobs with vouchers we got from our wedding day back in May and even entering hundreds of baby competitions in the hope of winning some stuff. (I have been lucky enough to win a couple of things; one of which would have been expensive for us to buy if not.)

When you’re pregnant you definitely see a theme of products that everyone is buying and if truth be told, there is a part of your brain telling you that you want that product too. Since this is the case or at least what I’ve seen myself, I thought I’d put together a little “If money was no object” baby wish list to show you the products I am lusting after for Baby Moore, but won’t be buying due to wanting to stick to a budget and trying to be savvy with our money to make it stretch that bit more.

The Sleepyhead – £120 from John Lewis

Everyone is buying one of these it seems, and I hear so many great things about them. I would absolutely love to purchase one for baba but it scares me the prospect of spending all that money and then her not actually enjoying sleeping in it or not wanting to be in it. I also love that you can get different patterned covers for these making them look that bit funkier than the usual white.

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Ask The Midwife Review

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride of being super happy one minute, and then worrying about something the next.

I’ve found especially that when it’s your first baby and the pregnancy is classed as ok; you don’t get a lot of support outside of your usual midwife appointments when they test your wee, blood pressure and check you’re measuring on track in the later stages. You’ve got your green notes to carry about with you but the minute something doesn’t feel right or if you’re having a bit of a wobble, it’s hard to know where to turn and not feel as though you are pestering them or being a drama queen.

You should never feel as though you are being a burden, especially when this is their job at the end of the day and they are supposed to help guide you through your pregnancy in a way that is good for both you and baby. It is very easy to get sucked into the online world and start googling things which makes everything feel 100 times more magnified and you instantly think the worst case scenario. We have all been there! Upon looking for answers however, you might stumble across a site/app called Ask the Midwife.

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