Why I love a Paraben-free Shampoo

For several years now, I have suffered with itchy scalp syndrome. I don’t know what triggers it or whether it’s genuinely something medical but I always get an itchy scalp and find it a little flaky and rather ugly-looking.

I’ve tried and tested what seems like hundreds of shampoos now and finally moved onto paraben free options. When I got the opportunity to test and review one of the shampoos, naturally I jumped at the chance.

They recently launched their Brave Botanicals range so I decided to review the Lavender & Jasmine Body & bounce shampoo to try to give my hair a much-needed boost and see if this paraben free option finally settled my scalp.


As soon as it arrived in the post, I started putting it to the test washing my hair every couple of days and using my normal everyday conditioner alongside it. The shampoo is clear in colour and lathers up really nicely when water is applied.


After a couple of uses I definitely say a reduction in my flaky scalp, it didn’t disappear and there was still some itchiness but it wasn’t as severe as usual. However after a couple of weeks it started to come back which could just be my scalp getting used to the shampoo too much which does tend to happen to me.

My hair was definitely a lot bouncier and had a lot more body. It’s pretty frizzy/wavy anyway which you think means I don’t need more body but surprisingly, it can look really flat and lacklustre a lot of the time.

Faith in nature use lots of natural ingredients in their shampoos and have an incredible range as well. Not only do they offer amazing shampoos, they also offer other hair care, body care, skin care, body care, home care and even pet care. It’s on my list to try out some of their skin care next as I think the fact that they are SLS and Paraben free will give my skin the much-needed boost it deserves.

Overall I am really impressed with the brand and can’t wait to buy some more of their lovely free from products. It’s difficult to know what you should and shouldn’t avoid when it comes to extensive lists of ingredients but this has given me the knowledge to start targeting my skin and scalp problems a lot more and hopefully give me the results going forward as well.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried anything Paraben free before and if you have any recommendations for me that would be fab.

Laura x

*This shampoo was sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, as always my thoughts are my own*


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