What I learnt from Kiehl’s

Whilst flicking through twitter one night a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a tweet asking for York-based beauty bloggers to get in touch. I immediately was intrigued and fired off an enquiry email to the lovely Manager of Kiehl’s York store, Hannah. She was looking to meet some York bloggers who she could talk to about Kiehl’s and teach them about their beautiful ranges and help spread the word about the brand.

Bearing in mind, I absolutely go wild over skin care and love to feature new brands or ranges for my readers to learn more about and see if I can share any amazing products or companies with the world. I booked in to go and meet Hannah for last Wednesday to find out more about Kiehl’s and also to have a mini facial and get to try out some of the amazing products.

I was greeted by Laura who had worked at the York Store since it opened 2-3 years ago, shortly followed by meeting Hannah who managed the store. They looked awesome in their white lab coats with the whole store feeling like a mixture of a laboratory meets classroom. Hannah started by talking to me about Kiehl’s the brand and then finding out more about my skin type what kind of products I used at present.

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Then she got down to the dreaded part of cleansing my face and stripping it naked. Yes folks, that meant my makeup being washed away and my spotty face being on show. I am hugely self-conscious of my skin and it can get me down when its bad, which this particular day – IT WAS! She talked me through the products that I should be using to keep my skin hydrated and in better condition.


After going through all the facial, my skin felt refreshed and smooth for the first time in a while. Hannah then gave me lots of travel sized versions of the products she used on my face to go away and continue with the routine for the next few weeks to see if it makes a difference.

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I am a week into the routine and my skin looks a lot better and there is less redness and I am even managing to use a bit less makeup every day which is my ultimate goal. I would love to feel confident about going out to work etc without much foundation on and maybe just a bit of BB cream to make it look smooth and I will keep you updated after 2 more weeks to let you know my overall review of the routine and Kiehl’s.

Here is 5 things I learnt about Kiehls’ & Skincare:

1. Kiehl’s is owned by L’oreal, which I didn’t know about.
2. 24 is never to young to start applying that eye cream!
3. Toner can be my friend even though it petrified me before going to Kiehl’s.
4. Dark spot corrector is an ingenious product and is helping me clear pigmentation.
5. My skin gets shiny because it’s actually dehydrated – who knew!?

I hope you liked LOVED this post.

Have you ever tried Kiehl’s before?

Laura x

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