What a lovely pair of Coconuts!

Don’t worry there’s no boobs or nakedness in this post. 

I recently received a brand new launch from Dirty Works in the form of the gorgeous Coconut Body Wash and being a fan of coconut scented products in general I thought I would put it to the test with Radox Coconut Kiss Shower Gel which has been a firm favourite of mine for a while now.

That’s right folks, you are getting a pair of coconut based reviews for your reading today.


Now let’s talk about looks. Both of these products have equally pretty packaging trying to entice us from the shelves with their coconut ways. It’s definitely easy to spot them both on the shelf in store and whenever I look for a new shower gel or body wash, a nice picture of fruit/food normally sways my vote.

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Next up is the scent and look of the shower gel themselves, starting with Dirty Works. The shower gel is clear in colour and your typical gel consistency. It lathers really well and has the sweetest coconutty smell ever. I wasn’t sure when I first smelt it and did think “Oo it’s sugary smelling!“, however I’ve got used to it after a few tries and actually love how nice smelling it is. Currently it’s on offer for £1.75 from Sainsbury’s which is a reduction of 75p off the normal price.

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Now to Radox; and this product definitely differs to Dirty Works in a few ways. First up is the consistency and look, and this gel is actually a milky white colour and more of a cream texture. Now it’s not thick which is good because I hate thick gels and much prefer something lighter feeling. It lathers really well just like Dirty Works but its main difference is the scent. This one has a much fresher coconut smell mixed with a slightly milky aroma. If you’ve ever bought those tubs of fresh coconut in the shops then you will know the smell I mean. Throw a light smell of milk into it and that’s spot on. I love how fresh it smells and have actually repurchased this several times already. So I did some digging and found it’s currently on offer for £1 in Boots so thoroughly worth your basket especially coming up to holiday season.

Overall it’s difficult to compare the 2 shower gels despite them being coconut related. They look and smell completely different so if you’re a fan of all things coconut, then I think you would have to make your mind up yourself and buy both. They are equally fantastic and Dirty works latest release is a great addition to their already amazing range.

Laura x

*the Dirty works coconut gel was sent to me in exchange for an honest review but all opinions are my own as always*

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