The MAC Rebel Dupe

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the lovely Rebel shade of MAC lipstick I was lucky enough to win in a competition. I thought I would take a new spin on the lipstick and write about a dupe that I have found that is remarkably similar and a tiny fraction of the price compared to MAC. I actually stumbled upon the dupe shade first and fell in love with it. It comes from the lovely people of Makeup Revolution, costs a mere £1 and is called Vamp.

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Now looking at the pictures above on the right, you can see the two shades are pretty similar in colour when they are just stood side by side.


From above, you can’t really tell the different if you didn’t have the packaging on them. There is a tiny difference when you look closely and you can see that the MAC shade is a little bit lighter than the Makeup Revolution one. This is more obvious when you swatch the shades on your hand. The Makeup Revolution shade is on the left and the MAC one on the right.


Despite the slight colour difference, I think this bargain £1 shade is a great example of a dupe that is affordable and a quick option. Not everyone can afford the £15.50 price tag that comes with the MAC lipstick and I will raise my hand and say I am pretty stingey with my money and would more than likely choose the Makeup Revolution lipstick myself, purely on cost. I absolutely love both the lipsticks and would recommend either of them to anyone.

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  1. so glad you posted this, I’m a bit stingy with my money too, if there’s a cheaper alternative of literally anything I’d rather buy that than fork out loads! If it’s the same kind of quality obviously haha!

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