The Body Shop Blogger Event: York

If you saw all my Instagram pics and tweets last Friday and Saturday then you will have noticed that I got the chance to attend a blogger event at The Body Shop in Coppergate Centre York to have a look at their new range: Spa of the World. The new range contains some amazing smells and ingredients inspired by other cultures and times gone by; think Cleopatra bathing in milk kinda relaxation.

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The event started with a presentation about the new range and what each section was inspired by. The products were then handed round to us all to try out and smell, all of which smelt outstanding. We were then split off into smaller groups to go round the different store sections and find out about the existing products and also any newer ranges we might not have seen before. I will be truthful here and own up to only every trying the hemp hand cream and a couple of lip butters but that’s as far as My Body Shop history went. A lot of the other bloggers I met seemed more clued up about the products and had tried a few before so I felt a bit like a beginner during the event.

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The sections were broken into Skincare, Make-up and a sumptuous hand treatment with the new range and each had a lovely and knowledgeable store assistant on hand to talk us through the ranges and advise on products that would suit us. I found out a lot of useful info about all the ranges and left the event smelling wonderful. My favourite product from the new range was the milk and honey bath powder, my hand felt incredible after bathing in that stuff!

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We then got the chance to shop!!! So I grabbed my basket and put in a few products that I felt would be a great start to my collection before making my way to the tills to pay. At the tills we were each given a goody bag to take away which had some of the fabulous products from the new range as well as some of their other popular products. I was so excited because I never expected anything like it at all.

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I want to say a massive thanks to the lovely staff at The Body Shop in Coppergate York and also Victoria from Coppergate Centre who organised the whole event. I met some lovely bloggers such as Lucy from Dinosaur Dances, Victoria from VIPXO, Charlotte from Barbie Sparkles and Rebecca from Becloumar. I want to finish this post showing you the amazing food that was provided to us on the night so we didn’t have to shop on an empty stomach!

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Yeah, I know….. AMAZING!!!!!!

Thanks for reading

Laura x



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