The bag’s under my eyes are not Prada!

Lately I’ve been suffering with the worst sleeping pattern ever. I’m a right night owl anyway and sit and edit photos at stupid o’clock but I’ve consciously been trying to get an earlier night lately to try to fix this.

I haven’t been one for getting eye bags in the past but lately I’m noticing puffiness and dark shadows appearing which make me look like a ghost with my deathly pale skin as well.

I decided to test out the DHC rich eye zone care pack to see if they would help reduce my very unfashionable eye baggies!

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They come in a handy little plastic box making it easy to take a set out at a time and place them around the eyes. Due to their shape, they are really handy to slap on and even looking at them, it would be pretty hard to mess up putting them on. As you can see from the below photo, I used mine as part of a pampering session with my warming charcoal mask from the Body Shop.

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These little masks treat the entire eye zone with multi-peptides to help support the natural collagen in the skin. I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in puffiness after using them but let’s face it, they aren’t miracle workers. They do work well but as soon as my sleep starts lagging again, back they appear like panda eyes.

They contain anti-oxidant rich olive fruit oil which has appeared in lots of my favourite products as well, and hyaluronic acid which helps repair the skin’s moisture barrier.

You can get a packet of these bad boys for £15 which includes 6 sets of 2 masks; so 1 for each eye. I think it’s well worth the money as they have made a difference and I will definitely buy them again in the future.

As always thanks for popping by and reading my posts.

Laura x

*these masks were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, all thoughts are my own*

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