That time Rush York did my hair

People: “Wow your hair looks different! What have you done different?”

Me: “Erm I brushed it!”

Yes this is a prime example of real life hair related conversations I have to go through. My hair is naturally wavy, thick and brunette. If I can avoid doing much to it, I will and that includes running a brush through it.

I can hear you all gasping or recoiling in horror of the very thought of my unbrushed hair venturing to work every day but my hair has very seldom been the pride of my life. I’ve had it long/short/dyed/natural and every so often I’ll dabble with the straighteners/curlers or a braid.

When Rush York contacted me offering the chance of a treatment and the opportunity to review their new salon, I jumped at the chance for my hair to have a treat and actually make a little effort for a change.

The day after I flew home from Lanzarote I trotted off (not literally trotted like a horse), into York to meet the lovely Jessica owner and franchisee of the Rush York salon.


I was greeted warmly by the lovely Jessica who is both owner and stylist, and Becky who is also a stylist in the salon as well. Jessica sat me down in the gorgeous surroundings and talked about the blow dry I would be getting that day and how I liked to style my hair normally. I’d never had one before so it was a lovely treat to try something new and see what I thought about the service as well.

Becky took me through the back of the salon to the sinks where they wash clients hair and due to staff illness, Becky was stepping in to do hair washing duties as well. It was lovely getting to feel the Kerastase products on my hair. It was a good opportunity to chat to Becky and to find out about her life and working at the salon. She was really gentle and very chatty so made me feel at ease as well.

After my hair was scrubbed clean and I felt refreshed, I sat back down in the stylist chair where I was greeted with a cafetière of Coffee, milk, sugar and biscuits. This is a great touch and even though it’s only something small, it really impressed me.

Jessica then started drying and styling my hair whilst telling me lots about herself and her life which was lovely. I’ve been to other salons before where stylists have pretty much stayed quiet the whole time even when you ask questions and it’s generally put me off going back again.

After drying was done, Jessica got out the curlers and styled my hair into loose waves which was exactly what I asked for. She showed me throughout what she was doing and talked me through the products as she went along as well which was great. Since I know I need to make an effort more with my hair, I have made it my mission to learn more about good products for my hair.

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The whole experience was lovely and I was made to really welcome by Jessica, Becky and later Charlotte who is the salon’s receptionist and who Jessica can’t praise enough. Compared to some big name salons out there, I found this to be around the same in terms of prices but miles ahead in terms of service. The ladies in the salon are fabulous, and if you are on the lookout for a new salon in York especially, I would thoroughly suggest you give Rush a visit.

Laura x

*the salon treatment was offered to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. As always all opinions are my own and always will be*

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