T-Zone Refreshing & Hydrating Gel Cream review *

It’s June, which means we are nearly half way through 2015 already. I have had a crazy half-year so far and the next half is sure to be exciting and crazy as well. I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands so far this year and June is no exception. To kick off June in style I am reviewing the T-Zone refreshing and hydrating Gel cream which was kindly sent to me by the lovely people at Brodie & Stone for an honest review and to find out my thoughts on this skin care product.

I started my normal routine every morning by washing my face before adding some light moisturiser and then a dab of the gel cream on problem areas. When I started reviewing this product I was suffering from a fair whack of spots and my skin was in dire condition. The product smells incredible and is true to the T-zone products in general which have a tea tree sort of smell to them. The gel consistency is light and not to thick which makes it perfect for applying to spots or breakouts and not leaving your skin with a sticky or claggy consistency.


A few days into my T-zone trial, I started to get a bit of a rash on my face and little bumps started appearing all over my face which felt hot and itchy. I could only guess that I was having a reaction to something – NIGHTMARE! It’s not like my skin to react in that way normally and even though my skin is really sensitive, I have never had an allergic reaction to anything.

I immediately stopped using the product as I wasn’t sure whether one of the ingredients had set me off and didn’t want to persist just in case. I had however been really impressed with the product until that point, but for me it just did not agree with my skin. I liked the smell and the consistency of the gel and how light it was when applied. I will be honest and say that before the reaction, the gel had not made much of an impact on my spots and my face still seemed as red and irritable as ever.


My overall impression is that on someone who maybe only suffers the occasional spot or breakout, then this product would be incredible and probably work on the blemish quickly. I think because my skin was already in dire need of help, the tea tree probably aggravated it a bit and brought out the reaction. If you are looking for a gel cream that would work quickly then this is a great product but I would advise not putting it on a mass skin breakout and use it on the odd blemish instead.

T-Zone have loads of other skin perfecting products like pore strips or cleansing washes which I have used before and never had any problems with so I would definitely still recommend T-Zone as a brand I would use, just not the Gel cream for myself.

I hope you found this review helpful.

Laura x

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