Sweet Cecily’s Elderflower & Almond Hand Cream*

I have never been a big believer in hand cream, which in itself is a crime I know! I have always received hand creams in beauty sets at christmas and birthdays, but always put them in a drawer until I had a clear out and threw them out. To think how many creams I have wasted is appalling since nowadays I try not to spend and use up my millions of beauty products instead.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be selected to review the Sweet Cecily’s Elderflower & Almond Hand Cream through Adproval. This is a new site that I have recently signed up with and have found it really easy to navigate and a great way to find new opportunities.


The first thing I noticed while reading Sweet Cecily’s site is that they are a relatively young company being born in 2010 and they use natural ingredients due to their creator’s problematic skin. This resounds well with me as I am a walking advert for crappy skin. I always look for products that are natural and not full of alcohol as this is a massive irritant to my skin.


I have been using the hand cream which has a lovely sweet smell to it, for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love the texture it leaves my skin feeling. I hate when creams give you a sticky residue and can say with confidence that this cream does not do this. I am a firm believer that prevention is better than cure and would like to avoid my hands looking old so this cream and its softness is ideal to avoid this potential future issue.


I have looked on Sweet Cecily’s website at the other amazing products that they make and that includes some amazing flavoured lip balms like chocolate, banoffee, espresso martini and earl grey tea. I have never heard of such amazing flavours before and want to purchase every single one of them. One of my favourite things about Sweet Cecily’s is that they make lip balms for weddings. Needless to say, this site is bookmarked in hope that one day my boyfriend will propose. HINT HINT!

I love this company, the ingredients they use and also the fact that they are based in Whitby making them a home-grown Yorkshire company to be proud of. If you haven’t had the privilege of owning one of their products then I would head straight to their site and snap up some of the amazing beauty buys they have to offer.

Hope you enjoyed this review.

Laura x

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