Sorting out Stinky Feet

I am the first one to admit that I get stinky feet. I cannot hide this disgusting fact but I walk to the train station every day and back from work meaning my feet tend to suffer. Unfortunately I will also admit to the crime of being cheap shoes that do not wear well. I often buy a few pairs of pumps for work and after a while they tend to smell and absorb it which means they get rather minging!

I won a competition on Twitter last month from Becky the Lifestyle Blogger UK and received a fab little foot spray from Salt of the Earth.


This foot spray is a natural deodorant which contains soothing aloe vera and menthol to cool your feet and can be used by Men and Women. I have been using it for a few weeks now and have definitely noticed a difference and my feet are far less stinky. I bet my boyfriend reads this and thinks, yeah right! haha I wouldn’t say it has gotten rid of smelly feet issues completely but that could be due to my dodgy shoes as well. I have just treated myself to some new shoes so I will start at the beginning with these ones and use the spray immediately and hopefully see a massive difference.

It’s a great little product and I was very chuffed to win it and test it out. For those of you with stinky feet out there – grab this product.

Laura x

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