Sebamed Skin Care Review*

You will know by now that I am a big fan of skin care. Not because I love going au natural and flaunting silky smooth skin, but because I have hormonal spotty skin and I am always on the look out for new products that might help me out. It currently feels like I get rid of one spot and another appears. God forbid I can go 1 whole week without a ridiculous breakout!!!

1 month ago I was taking part in the #BHTWITTERPARTY from The Bloggers Hub and was introduced to a new brand called Sebamed. They do a huge range of products but offered a clear skin range which definitely stood out to me. I received my products to try about a week later and started the task of shaping up my skin.


I started by using the cleansing bar with some warm water, popping some toner on a cotton pad and then finishing it off with the clear skin gel on the problem areas. I repeated the process for the next few days and then disaster struck! I had a bit of a reaction to something and my face was super red and itchy and I had little bumps on my face. I had noticed the cleansing bar left my face quite tight but persisted to see if it was my face reacting to the initial new products.


As you can imagine, I was worried as to what had set my face off and stopped using any new products on my face at that point and went on to using aloe gel and propolis gel. My face cleared up after a few days but I couldn’t pinpoint what thing had triggered the reaction and haven’t used any of the products since then.

I didn’t stick to me 28 day plan and was gutted that I had a reaction but I have a new plan and wanted to let you know I am still going to test some of the products out but on a new 28 day plan. I will substitute the cleansing bar as it really doesn’t work for my sensitive skin, for my current Kiehls cleansing wash. I will then use the toner and the gel to see if they work for my skin.

I really want to give the products a go and give a better quality review of them so I plan to write another post in June letting you know my exact findings. I hope the lovely people at Sebamed understand my review for now and I am not disregarding all the products, just the cleansing bar at this point in time. I would say if you have super sensitive skin like me then it might not work for you but it is always worth trying something out.

Come back and check out my follow-up review in June.

Laura x

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