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Back in July, I wrote about my skin care heroes, and wrote about my love for SBC gels. A few months ago I suffered the most wonderful reaction on my face to a product I had been using. I say this with the most sarcasm possible and hopefully it is coming through in my typing. My manager at work is a big fan of QVC and had discovered SBC gels and swore by the products, so much so that her daughters both used them too and loved them as well. She brought me in 2 bottles of the gels; the Collagen and the Propolis and promised they would sort my face right out.


She was not wrong. After a couple of days of using the products my face was calmer and even less spotty which is always a huge plus. I have continued to use the products as a staple in my skin care routine and would be a bit lost without them really. After writing the post in July, the lovely people at SBC gels themselves got in touch asking if I would like to try out any of their other products. I had been dying to try out the Aloe gel so this was top of my list, and they then threw in a massive tub of their new Rose & Argan Oil Body Butter.


I have been using both of the products now for a few weeks and absolutely love both of them. I am not saying it just because SBC gels sent them for me to try. They are genuinely both great products. The Aloe gel is brilliant for sensitive skin and soothing angry or even sunburnt skin. I have been using it on my skin if I have a flare up of spots as it has great healing properties. This would be perfect on holiday and just keep it in the fridge to give your skin a soothing gel after being in the sun.

The Rose & Argan Oil o butter is sumptuous and smells amazing. I am normally not a great lover for the smell of roses but this is lovely and leaves your skin smelling gorgeous and a lovely silky feel. This probably comes from the Argan Oil aspect of the body butter. I use this all the time and will be sad when I eventually finish the tub. It’s a huge tub so it might take a while to use up. (here’s hoping)

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I would definitely recommend any of the 4 products I have tried so far. I intend to buy some more of their other ranges in the future and share my thoughts with you but for now, I hope you found this post helpful.

Thanks for reading

Laura x

*I received 2 of these products to review, but all thoughts are my own.

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