Quick Fix Facials: Review

Last month while in Boots, I decided to treat myself to some new face masks in the shape of Quick Fix Facials. I purchased 2 different types, the Purifying Charcoal Mask and the Anti-Blemish Mud Mask. My skin has been up and down lately and I want to inject some life back into it as well as trying to keep spots at bay, so I had high hopes that these two would help me out.


I have been trying them both out by using them each once a week to give my skin a 10minute refresh at a time. The charcoal mask is to clear out pores and give you a skin boost which it certainly did. I have seen my skin become a lot softer brighter looking than it was before.


I loved the Charcoal mask as it didn’t smell much and wasnt difficult to get off after drying either. I used a soft sponge and warm water and it wiped away really easily. I then tried the Anti-Blemish Mud mask to try to prevent any new spots etc. It worked really well and I haven’t seen any new spots appear and also has cleared out my pores as well.


Overall both masks have worked a treat and I am going to continue using them both to help look after my skin more and remain youthful! each tube states it would provide around 10 masks each so this would last about 4/5 months for me depending on how frequent I use them. I purchased them whilst they were on offer and were about £3.00 each at the time and then got double points on top of that! Happy Face 🙂

I would recommend either of these products to anyone wanting to take better care of their skin so run out and purchase them for yourself whilst they are still on offer in Boots!

Hope you liked my review.

Laura x

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