Proactiv+ meets my face

A short while ago, I was given the opportunity to review the Proactiv + 3 step system and told to review it for 8-10 weeks for optimum results. Now that I am 4 weeks in to the review process, I wanted to share my results thus far.


As part of the review, I received the skin smoothing exfoliator, the pore targeting treatment, complexion perfecting hydrator and the skin purifying mask. The process itself is relatively easy to follow as each of the treatments has a coloured dot on the packaging showing you the order to use them in.

My aim of this trial has been to get my skin in good enough condition that I don’t worry about slathering on foundation every day to cover up spots. I have no issue nowadays sharing no make up photos on my blog, but the thought of heading to work without foundation on makes me cringe. My skin has been having some ups and downs of late and I want to show you the honest results up to now. In 4 weeks time I will be sharing the full results and a more in-depth review of the products.

Week 1


Week 4


As you can see, a lot of the blemishes have cleared up but there is still the odd blotchiness or scarring from previous spots. I never expect miracles but hopefully in 4 weeks time, I will see my skin looking a lot clearer. So please keep your eyes peeled for my review coming soon.

Laura x

*these products were sent to me in exchange for a full and honest review, and as always my opinions are my own and will continue to be*

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