National Smile Month*

If you aren’t already aware, week commencing 18th May 2015 is the start of National Smile Month. This post is coming to you just a couple of days after the start of this lovely month of toothy grins and pearly whites. I have shared with you all before that I like to take care of my teeth and went through a couple of painful years of wearing train track braces in order to sort my teeth out.

I was contacted to work with The Centre for Advanced Dentistry whom I have worked with before talking about whiter smiles and this can be found HERE! There are some big brands who are working with the British Dental Health Foundation to bring us more information during National Smile Month including Oral-B, Wrigley, Philips Sonicare and Boots.

The aim of National Smile Month is to promote better Oral healthcare so we have better teeth and let’s face it, the outcome would be fewer trips to the dentist and less money spent on fixing teeth problems. One thing I always get told every time I go to the dentist is to floss more. I will admit to living up to this for a couple of months and then getting complacent again and forgetting. One thing I am learning from National Smile Month is to start flossing again in order to keep my teeth and gums in healthy condition.


It’s super important to look after your teeth. I won’t lie I meet people and look at their teeth a lot and can’t help but think sometimes they would look nicer if their teeth were in better condition. It’s awful that I do that, but I would hate if someone looked at me and thought eurgh, her teeth are disgusting! It sounds extremely vain but after having braces for years, I realise how important my teeth are to me.


The Centre for Advanced Dentistry offers a number os different treatments like Orthodontics, Whitening, Dentures and even replacement teeth if you were missing one for example. If you don’t already look after your teeth then check out their website or the National Smile Month website to find out more about keeping you teeth and gums in tip-top condition.


I hope you liked this post and it has urged you to take better care of your teeth if you don’t already.

Laura x

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