My Skin Saviours

My poor skin has been suffering lately and it has been hell! Pure Hell! I think a combination of colder weather, hormones and a bit of stress getting used to my new role have all combined to send spots to my face. I have been working out what products suit my face in the autumn/winter months without trying to overdo it or dry out my skin. I wanted to share 3 of my hero products at the moment which have been doing their best to help me out.


The main product I have been using to cleanse is the No Clogs Allowed self heating scrub from Soap & Glory. This scrub is a pale blue when it comes out the tube and you don’t need a huge amount. I use about a grape size amount and you just rub it onto your skin. You can feel the scrub heating as you massage it in and it does feel amazing. The beads burst and release some extra oomph onto the skin leaving it super soft once rinsed off. You only need to pat dry after and your skin is really nourished.


After cleansing I use SBC propolis gel to heal my skin. This stuff is amazing as it doesn’t dry your skin out and gives it a soft and supple feel. Again this is a product you don’t need a lot of to work and because it is rich in amino-acids and minerals, you know it’s good for your skin. I love this stuff and try to use it sparingly to make it last longer but it’s very well priced for such an awesome product.


Lastly I use a well know spot treatment product; Tea Tree Oil. The one I use was bought in Asda for a few quid and I tend to place a few drops onto a cotton wool pad and then dab it onto the spot directly. The reason for this is so the rest of my skin doesn’t feel drowned in treatment especially when I have a few problem spots residing on my face. I find the tea tree oil just helps to attack the spot at the root and dry it up a little.


I hope you liked this little post about my skin care, I hope anyone suffering bad skin finds something useful from this.

Laura x

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