My Recent Empties

I’ve been noticing a lot of these posts on other amazing blogs and thought I would have a go at one myself. I have been trying to restrain myself recently from spending money just for the sake of it and instead trying to use up all the many products I am hoarding in my room. I have used up 4 different products recently which are all different to each other.


The first is my trusty tub of Sudocrem. This has been my go to product over Winter for dry skin and I normally dab a bit on spots to reduce redness. I finished the tub this month and haven’t bought another as of yet as I’m introducing new products to my skin care regime and don’t want to overload my face on product.

The second is my Loreal Micellar water. I first read about Micellar water on some blogs early last year and decided to purchase some myself. I bought Loreal as it was on offer at the time in Asda and have since fallen in love with it. It is my new saviour for taking off my makeup after a long day at work. it refreshes my skin and leaves it feeling soft without stripping away my skin and making it look red and angry.

Thirdly I have used up my W7 Photo Shoot foundation. This has been a great find for me as I am a rather pale shade of white and struggle to find a pale enough foundation. I stumbled upon this one in B&M bargains of all places in their makeup bit. It was on offer for about £3.00 so I thought I would take a chance, and BOY have I been impressed. It has been pale enough not to give me dodgy lines but I have bought a new foundation in a Blog sale that I am going to try out for a while and will review later.

Lastly I used up my Phil Smith Big It Up conditioner. I have very thick hair so conditioner is vital to giving me the ability to even brush the stuff! I bought this when it was on offer and was impressed at the start of usage. However after using it for a while I have found it hasn’t so much “bigged up my hair” than left it a bit flat and lacklustre. Therefore I don’t plan on buying this one again as personally it didn’t suit my hair type.

Have you used up any products you could recommend to me recently? or send me your posts if you have done something similar!


Laura x

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