My Makeup Wishlist

My Makeup Wishlist

I thought I would do another wish list post this week about my ultimate makeup wish list. I haven’t included anything massively expensive because I am the epitomy of Scottish/Yorkshire and hate spending money! (apologies to anyone out there who is one of those and isn’t tight with money like me!)
I have seen people raving about the Benefit Roller Lash mascara on other blogs and would love to get some for myself to try out. The other product I’ve seen lots of hype about is the New Mac Cosmetics Cinderella collection. I am only just getting into lipsticks etc so I thought this lovely pale pink would be a great start to start a Mac collection.
Have you tried any products you could recommend to me?
Laura x

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  1. The Roller Lash has grown on me – I got it free with Elle Magazine and was initially not a fan, but stuck with it and it’s actually pretty good. Still, I’m not sure I’d pay for it – I think that some of the cheaper highstreet mascaras do a good enough job in comparison! x

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