My love for Dermalogica

The first time I tried anything by Dermalogica was on a trip to stay with my auntie in New Zealand back in 2015. My skin had been a nightmare anyway but the combination of hormones and flying for 30 hours to get there, left it in a right mess by the time I landed.

My auntie suggested I tried out the clear skin range which is aimed at teenage skin but after a few days of usage, my skin was looking ten times better. That’s when my love affair with Dermalogica began.

As you can see from the photo above, I have several of their products currently in my beauty showcase including: shampoo and conditioner, clear start skin rage, precleanse, cleansing gel, multi active toner, phyto replenish oil, hydrablur primer and age reversal eye complex cream. So just a few you could say.

The thing I love the most about Dermalogica’s ranges are the fact that there is something for everyone ranging from teenagers to the more mature skin. I absolutely love the smell of the every product which may sound strange but they always smell natural and are full of goodness making me want to use them even more.

My favourite product from the range is the precleanse which I have in bottle and wipe form. I think it does great things for the skin and has helped me out when having particularly bad breakouts. I would also thoroughly recommend having a dermalogica facial as they are amazing and tailored to your skincare needs. I plan to get one done before the wedding and get rid of some of the crap that’s clogging up my pores.

I hope you try some of these fab products out if you haven’t already and enjoy this little snapshot into some of my extensive beauty hoarding.

Laura x

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