My Favourite Foundations

After struggling with my pale as hell skin colour for years and wishing I had a permanent tan, I have finally come to terms that it’s never gonna happen! I have searched the shops high and low for the best foundations that suit my skin and finally I have found a good bunch that work for me.


First up is two foundations from The Body Shop in the Extra Virgin Minerals range. Now having checked on the website, I’m gutted because you can’t buy either of these products anymore but they do a fab range of foundation anyway so no doubt I will find something anyway. I bought the palest creme minerals foundation as well as the liquid foundation. The creme product is amazingly light on the skin and looks completely natural. I will be looking to find another product just like this in future as it works wonders. The liquid foundation offers fab coverage as well but is a little thicker and leaves you with a dewy look rather than a blended option like the creme. Again, it’s a great product for those days when you have a lodger on your face.


My next 2 favourite foundations are definitely still on the market in the shape of Rimmel London. I wear Porcelain shades in both the Match Perfection and the Stay Matte Foundation. Both of these products are great to wear and don’t feel like you are slathering it all over your face. These have been my go to products for ages and they will always be on my repurchase list. I would say the Match perfection blends easier and leaves the skin with a light coverage but the stay matte definitely lasts all day but does go on a bit thicker.


I hope you’ve discovered some brands you wouldn’t normally purchase and it inspires you to go out and try them.

Laura x


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