My Favourite Face Masks

We all know I’m an avid skin care fan, whether it’s a cleanser, toner, or moisturiser. This week I’m sharing my favourite face masks. You know the score, Sunday is pamper day, when you can have a bubble bath, paint your nails, cover your face in what can only be described as coloured goop and just chill. I love coloured goop, I will not lie, and here are 4 of my absolute favourites.


I have been using the Quick Fix Facial Masks now for over 2 years and these are some of the best face masks for bringing some pep back to your skin. I use the Purifying Charcoal Mask & the Anti-Blemish Mud Mask. Both of these masks leave your skin feeling super fresh and clean but both work in completely different ways. The Charcoal mask is fab for making dull skin look brighter and not having such a full feeling; if that makes sense. I hate when my skin feels like its covered in rubbish and needs a good clean, sometimes a scrub is too harsh so this product works brilliantly. The Anti-Blemish mask is great for zapping those damned zits. You can smell the tea tree in the product so it definitely smells like it works. After a few uses, your skin starts to improve and you can really see it works.


Next up is 2 amazing products from The Body Shop; Honey & Oat 3 in 1 Scrub mask and the Warming Mineral Mask. The Honey & Oat mask is amazing because it’s so multi-purpose. If you want to leave it on to use as a mask then its super nourishing on the skin and leaves it feeling silky soft. You can also use it as a scrub and the oats feel like a really natural way of helping clear the skin. This has been one of my favourite products since I started buying things from The Body Shop. My other favourite is the Warming Mineral Mask which says it all really. It absorbs all the crappy oils on the skin and warms when you rub it in. I love a self-heating product like this and this is one of their best products to date. I get why people raved about it before I tried it.


Hopefully you’ve found this little post useful as a mid-week pick me up post. If I find any more gems like this, I will definitely share them with you in future.

Thanks for reading

Laura x

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