May Empties

After not using up many products last month in my empties round-up, I was disappointed in myself to say the least. What the heck have I been doing all month? No worries though because I am back with a vengeance and ready to share May’s empties list and a round-up of 6 products to talk to you about.


Let’s start with the body and I’ve used up a full bottle of Right Guard Shower Oils Pink Jasmine. This is a great offering from Right Guard as it branches out more to the females out there and doesn’t feel like something aimed at just the sporty ladies of the world. The Oils part of the product leaves your skin feeling luxurious and soft and a gorgeous floral scent fills the bathroom when you use it. I like this product and have another one of their scents to try so keep your eyes peeled.

I also used up a smaller bottle of SBC Gels Collagen which has done amazing things for my skin over the last year. I am a huge fan of the gels as they just melt into your skin and nourish from deep down. The collagen helps to bring elasticity back into the skin but also repair cells and skin to keep it healthy looking. I would definitely recommend this product as a must have and there is always offers on QVC for the brand.


Continuing with the body segment, I’ve also finished a tub of Asda Multivitamins¬†containing 70 tablets in each tub. This will last you just over 2 months and is well worth the money. I love multivitamins and definitely feel as though it contributes to better health and more energy so it’s something that will always be in my shopping basket. I also used up a Soft & Gentle 48 hour roll on deodorant. I love a roll on and always will as it leaves my underarms soft and stops any irritation after shaving. I always have a stash of different ones especially when they come up on offer as it’s difficult to know when you will run out.


Moving away from the body collection, I take you to my face. 2 products used up this month starting with Lush Angels on Bare Skin cleanser. Now this cleanser and I were bezzie mates when I started using it and then things got a little sour on the friendship front. My skin like my scalp, likes to get a little too used to things and stops cooperating with products which is rather annoying. My skin was really struggling about 2 weeks before I finished this and I actually had to switch it with another cleanser for a week to help calm it down. Once calmed, I started using it again and had no issues. It’s definitely worth the price and lasts a couple of months before expiring, but washing your face twice a day will definitely use it up anyway.

I also used up a sample size of Dermalogica’s Clear Start Matte Moisturiser which has been perfect to use as a primer. It does what it says on the label and mattifies any shine to your skin which makes it perfect for applying before your foundation. I have already purchased a full size version of this product and it’s a firm beauty staple in my routine now.


I hope you’ve like this little end to May, I have an insane amount of posts coming up soon and lots of exciting reviews coming your way so do keep your eyes peeled and feel free to leave me your links in the comments.

Laura x

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