March Empties

It’s the end of another month, and another successful round of empties. On my mission to save money, I have been extra determined to not buy anything unnecessary, and use up products I have in my possession instead. Slowly but surely, I am whittling away at my hoard of stuff and also getting some lovely little product reviews of things as well. This month I managed to use up 8 different products so hopefully you will find my mini reviews in this post, quite useful.


First up was a bottle of Aldi Head Strong shampoo. Now looking at this packaging briefly on the shelf, you would assume it was a bottle of head & shoulders. This product is pretty much a rival I guess and when you smell the shampoo itself, it definitely smells the same. The telling difference in the shampoos is the consistency of the shampoo itself. I found that this one is pretty runny looking and not as thick as the head & shoulders shampoo. It actually worked in a great way though and I was really impressed with the results. Overall I won’t be re-buying as it irritated my scalp a little due to having a super-sensitive scalp and skin but other than that, it worked a treat.

I also used up a sample sized bottle of Kiehls Olive Fruit Nourishing Shampoo. This has been one of my favourite discoveries since receiving it last year. Unfortunately at the time my scalp was so bad, I didn’t want to dabble too much in new shampoos. This does what it says on the tin and leaves your hair looking healthy and full of body. I am heading to Kiehls in a couple of weeks for a browse so I intend to buy some more for myself.


Next up is body care and firstly I finished a bottle of Dove Deeply Nourishing body wash. I loved this body wash so much as it left my skin feeling soft and supple. It’s a great bargain in the shops at the moment and lasted ages as you only need a small amount at a time. It lathered up really well and meant that I didn’t need much moisturiser after bathing as my skin was well hydrated already.

I won’t lie in saying I love a roll-on deodorant. I know a lot of people aren’t fans but I find them perfect especially for my skin. I finished a Lacura Roll-on which is another buy from Aldi. At a bargain 59p, you can’t really go wrong. It worked well and lasted all day meaning I didn’t need to spray body spray or perfume through the day. I would definitely buy this deodorant again in future.


I love a good bath and bath bombs, oils, bubble bath are something I love for a good pamper. I finished my last bottle of Marks & Spencer bath Oil in New York. This smelt divine and was part of a set I got last year containing lots of different perfumes, oils and body lotions. I am absolutely gutted I’ve finished them all and now after scouring the Marks’ site, found that they no longer sell it. I would recommend a bath oil to anyone as it’s amazing how soft it leaves your skin and also gives you a nice scent afterwards.

I also finished up my bottle of Instanatural skin Clearing spot treatment. This beauty of a treatment dries the spot up and helps to clear the skin. I dabbed this on when I was having some bad skin days and it cleared my spots in 72 hours which I think is fab. I can’t get enough of this product and will be re-purchasing it soon once I finish up a couple of others products.


Lastly comes toothpaste. I know this is an odd one to feature but I received a couple of sample sized products to try including Sensodyne Pronamel Extra Freshness & Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. I really liked both of these toothpastes and intend to buy them again. I love toothpaste for sensitive teeth, although I don’t suffer from it myself, I want to look after my teeth as much as possible in future. Both of them left my breath smelling nice and also made my teeth look a little sparklier and cleaner. It was a shame they were just sample size but I will definitely re-buy in future.


I hope you’ve liked this month’s empties and feel the urge to buy some of them yourself. Let me know in the comments if you’ve done an empties post this month as I would love to read it.

Laura x

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