Magnitone Lucid 28 day review

Way back at the beginning of May I wrote about my 7 day review of the Magnitone Lucid brush and at the time, I saw a bit of improvement but in my opinion, 7 days to test something is not long enough. I decided that I would do a full review of the cleansing brush over 28 days and show you guys the results so you could decide if it was worth buying for yourself.

As per my first review of this brush I am going to share some pretty gruesome makeup free snaps of my face after using the brush. I took the snaps every Sunday without fail and was pretty impressed with the results myself when I look back at the snaps over the 4 weeks. So here we go…





As you can see, my skin was pretty spotty at the start of the 4 weeks and I genuinely thought there was no way the Magnitone Lucid would improve my skin. After the 1st week I saw a lot less redness on my skin and not many new blemishes were appearing. This just seemed to improve over the 4 weeks and as you can see from the last post, my skin cleared up immensely.

I used my Magnitone Lucid brush with my Kiehls Calendula cleanser every day before bed and then used a Toner and moisturiser before bed. I missed the odd day using the brush and definitely noticed it, as my skin then flared up a bit after that. Needless to say I would be a bit lost without this fantastic brush now and have been really impressed with the results of my skin now.

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I hope you like my 28 day review of the Magnitone Lucid Brush and it inspires you to buy your own.

Laura x

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