MAC Rebel Lipstick Review

A while back I was super lucky and won a MAC lipstick of my choice on the lovely Alex’s Blog Roses & Lipsticks. I am going to admit that up until then I had never bothered with MAC whatsoever!! I know, I know, I can hear the gasps in your voice as you read this in utter shock. If I’m really honest I never understood the hype before so I just never paid attention to the brand. I was excited when Alex told me to pick a shade and she would order it for me. I settled on the Rebel shade as it’s something quite different and not necessarily a colour I would go for normally.

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Needless to say I waited in anticipation of seeing this wonderous shade of lipstick and see what the hype was about for myself. Well, first things first, what an incredible colour. It’s absolutely stunning but I immediately thought oo, might be a bit dark on me. I thought I would do a couple of swatches and show off what it looks like for any of you who might be interested in the shade itself.

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The first thing I thought once I painted it on my lips was “OO it looks quite good with my pasty skin!” A little snow white-esque I think myself. I absolutely love the shade and once I can perfect the lipliner look as well, I think it will look even more amazing. I still haven’t got used to drawing round my lips yet! haha.


Having now used my first MAC lipstick shade I can understand why people love the brand so much. I eyed up several other colours and may need to indulge my new love for MAC soon. I can see why people spend a lot of money on their products now.

Have you swatched any other MAC shades?

Hope you enjoyed this read!

Laura x

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  1. The colour really does look lovely on you! Definitely comes across Snow WhIte-esque, but you can definitely pull it off! If you love Rebel then you should definitely try diva, it’s a similar colour but with darker undertones and looks gorgeous in the autumn and winter!

    Love, Hannah

    1. Oo i will keep that shade in my mind for my next treat to myself. I start a new job in a month and will be closer to a MAC counter so I may have to indulge. thanks for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  2. The first thing that I’m going to point out about this product is, if you look at the lipstick in the tube and think it’s way too dark, relax it goes on lighter! I love this colour and think it’s very flattering on all skin tones.

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