January Empties

It’s the end of the month again and time for my monthly Empties segment. Bob & I are on full-scale attack mode for clearing out stuff and I have now realised the true extent of my beauty addiction. This month I bring you an incredible 7 empty products which I am so proud of and here is my review of them all.


First up was the Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed. I love Soap & Glory anyway but this is one of my all time favourites. This gorgeous scrub is white and thick in consistency but turns blue when you have rubbed it into your skin. It is also self heating which makes it great for clearing you pores and giving you a skin refresh. I will definitely be re-purchasing this product once we move into the new house and I can freely take over my bathroom.

Next I used up a tube of Arm & Hammer Enamel Pro Repair toothpaste. I have always been wary of these products due to the baking soda element but this is the best toothpaste for keeping my teeth lovely and white. I love this product so much I already have another tube on the go and will keep re-buying it in the future for sure.


Next up is a tube of Energise Effervescent tablets from Aldi. I have been testing out numerous versions of these from different brands/supermarkets lately and I will say the flavour of these tablets is fantastic however when I compare them to Berrocca, they don’t come close to the energy boost I am looking for before my morning commutes. I don’t think I will be re-buying these again in future but I do have a tube of the Orange flavour on the go currently.

I also finished some Witch Hazel Bursting Beads Face Wash which I have been using for the last couple of months. I have been struggling with my skin for years and am always looking out for new things to try. I found this wash to be a little bit too harsh on my sensitive skin but I tend to find this with Tea Tree or Witch Hazel anyway. I won’t be purchasing this product again in future.


I also finished a tube of Rimmel Stay Matte foundation in shade Ivory. I have recently purchased this in a paler shade as I found the Ivory was a bit too dark but it’s my favourite foundation that is quick and easy to apply and is a staple part of my make up bag. I also use their Match Perfection foundation as well as they both work well for my skin and suit my colouring.

I finished a travel size of the Clear Start Toner from Dermalogica. Clear start has absolutely been one of my favourite findings of 2015 and I have the full size versions now that I swear by. The site claims that it is for teenage skin however I find it is great for us adults too that suffer from hormonal or spotty skin as well. I will keep buying this in future as it works so well for me.

Lastly I used a tub of Nivea Intensive Soft Moisturising Creme which I have been using continuously for the last couple of months. It has a great smell to it and is easy to rub in to the skin and keeps your skin feeling soft and supple. I am trying to look after myself a lot more nowadays and keep my skin feeling great, this product definitely does that and I would re-purchase in future.


I hope you enjoyed this month’s empty products and hopefully it inspires you to buy some of them for yourself.

Laura x

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