Instanatural Stretch Mark & Scar Cream review*

If you read my post then you will have seen that I reviewed the Instanatural Cellulite Cream and wasn’t a huge fan of the product. This week I have been reviewing another of the brands products; the Scar & Stretch Mark Gel.


This product has a much better smell so I was on to a winner straight away in the scent stakes. I think the reason this product smells tons better is due to the fact that it contains Rose hip oil and Mango butter which is one of my favourite smells. I also loved that the colour was just white and not the caramel colour of the last one.

Similar to the last product, it took a fair amount of work to get the cream absorbed into my skin however it has helped with scarring and reduced the darkness of spot scars etc. It did leave my skin silky smooth like the last cream again but just took ages to absorb into the skin.


Unlike the last product, I have seen a bit better results from this cream and in a quicker fashion which is always good. I think this product if used for a longer time would have fantastic results so I think I will continue using this product in the future. I probably wouldn’t purchase it again going forward as I don’t have massive concerns about scars or stretch marks. Yes I have them, who doesn’t? But I am quite happy with my body at the moment and the stretch marks don’t bother me much.

I hope you found this review useful.

Laura x

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