Instanatural Cellulite Cream review*

Earlier this month I was chosen through the lovely Bloggers Required to review the Instanatural Cellulite Cream. If you have seen any posts in the past, you may have seen I have reviewed some of their products in the past and have enjoyed using them so I was excited to try this one out.


The tub is a handy size and the cream itself is a coffee/caramel sort of colour. The first thing I noticed is that the cream has a bit of an odd smell. It doesn’t put me off applying the cream itself, however it requires a fair amount of rubbing into the skin. The cream does contain caffeine so this might contribute to the smell of it and some of you out there may like the smell, but it wasnt for me.


I used the cream as the label told me to and mainly used it on my legs. I will admit that I do have a bit of orange peel leg syndrome but it’s not necessarily the most noticeable thing in the world, however I know it’s there and that’s enough to try to make me prevent any more. I have noticed my legs are incredibly smooth after using this cream but I have only been using the cream for a couple of weeks now so I’m yet to see much of a difference to my skin. If I was honest I probably wouldn’t purchase this product again as the smell really puts me off of it. It might work for someone longer term if they can put up with the smell but it’s not a product for me.

I hope you enjoyed this review and thanks for reading.

Laura x

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