How I got the hydration back into my skin

I can’t count how many times I’ve looked in the mirror and thought my skin looked dry or even the complete opposite; and it looked oily and shiny. I’ve had numerous skin tests and patch tests and every single time, I’m told my skin needs more hydration!

Well aside from drinking tons of water every day and visiting the lavatory on numerous occasions, I decided to try out something different in the form of Regime London Coconut Quench Supplements.

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When they landed on my doorstep, it was perfect timing as I was due to go on holiday and my skin had been riddled with spots and unevenness for the weeks leading up to it. The supplements are made up of coconut water extract and hyaluronic acid. Each capsule contains the equivalent of 4000mg of fresh coconut water and a high strength dose of hyaluronic acid to increase the moisture content of the skin.

I started taking them once a day and carried on even when I got back from my holidays to try the full 30 day pack out to its fullest. So did I notice a difference?





As you can see the sun brought out my freckles but aside from this, I have noticed a massive difference with my skin. I’m not getting many blemishes which is incredible as it really gets me down sometimes. My skin is plumper looking and more even meaning I’m not wearing foundation to work either!!! A first for me in my whole working life.

These capsules retail for £19.99 and for the price I think they are absolutely worth the penny for the 30 day trial you get. I get married next Spring and will be trying to keep my skin in tip-top condition so these capsules are firmly on my purchase list to make sure I have a clear complexion on our big day.

I hope this has been useful to some of you, especially if you need a skincare boost like I sometimes do.

Laura x

*these supplements were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, as always all opinions and findings are my own*

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