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I’m no stranger to a face mask and if you’ve read my posts recently, you will have seen I shared a few of my favourites with you all. This time I’m featuring a few bargain face masks from the lovely people over at Amphora Aromatics.


Similary to my 7th heaven, these masks come in a handy sachet which would get about 2 uses out of it. I want to review each of these masks individually, so over the next week, expect to see 2 more reviews popping onto your screens.

First up I am featuring the lovely Rosie Glow. This mask has a floral scent which hits you as soon as you open the packet, which makes a nice change to some face masks out there. It is a natural clay mask featuring essential oils, vitamins and minerals to draw out the impurities, moisturise and tone the skin. The Rose in the mask helps to reduce redness and inflammation in the skin which is what drew me to reviewing this one first. Rosehip oil and Rosemary in the mask also help the skin to regenerate, leaving it soft, clear and supple.


Above you can see a photo of the mask after putting it on. This was taken seconds later so as you can see, the mask is a pink-orange colour which is easy to apply and smells incredible. I managed to get 3 face masks out of this sachet which was amazing, and I really didn’t expect it to provide that much.


Next up you can see the mask after drying onto most of my skin. The colour goes a very burnt orange shade and looks a little like being Tangoe’d. (hopefully you all remember that reference from going up in the 90’s-00’s) The mask tightens after around 10-15minutes of having it on, but surprisingly is easy to rinse off with some warm water and a muslin cloth.

Overall I have a noticed a little difference in my skin this week, with a noticeable reduction in redness mainly. I have still had a few lurking spots on my face which will hopefully settle down soon anyway but I never expected the mask to work miracles.

Keep your eyes peeled for the other 2 masks in the range starring on my blog soon; The Dead Sea – cooler deap cleansing mask & Star Glow – Skin Polisher face Mask.

Laura x


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