Gift Ideas for Beauty Lovers

I know a lot of you will already be sorted with Christmas gifts by now. If you’re like me and still have a couple to get, I’m sharing some gift ideas that I hope they will like. My passion is beauty, so these are gift ideas for the lover of beauty products, in your life.

Lip Gloss & Balm

How your lips look can set your makeup look. A gorgeous new shade of lip glosses that compliments their skin would be a fab gift. There is such a variety for all budgets out there. Thinking of this time of year, though, a moisturising lip gloss can be a good option. Lips can get so cracked and sore at this time of year, so I think a lip balm set would make a fab stocking filler.


Depending on your budget, you could choose Deluxe Skincare Gifts. A premium brand skincare set would make the perfect gift for the right person. There are some gorgeous sets out there, with different products that will last for a while. A good beauty set should include things like toner, cleanser and a moisturiser. I love the lovely gift boxes that they come in too. Saves on wrapping for you!

Eye Shadow Palettes

Most beauty queens already have an eyeshadow palette I’m sure, but who doesn’t want another one? Lots of brands do palettes so there should be one to choose from, for every budget.


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Tanning Lotion

In winter, what is better than having a subtle summer glow? A moisturiser with gradual tanning would make a lovely stocking filler. Skin gets so dry in winter too. I notice the difference with my skin, so I think the moisturiser is always a winner. A hand cream would be a good alternative too.

Bath Products

There are so many gorgeous smelling bath products on the market. I like the variety of bath bombs that you can get. If you are feeling adventurous you could even attempt to make some! This would add a really nice touch to your gift recipient. Homemade gifts can make the world of difference. Knowing that you’ve thought about them and taken the time to make something for them, is touching.

Other gifts that you could make at home could be body scrubs, like sugar scrubs, as well as soaps and lotions. A few essential oils and you can make most things. There are a lot of tutorials online. Look somewhere like Pinterest and give it a try.

Beauty Subscription Box

This is a gift that I am secretly hoping for! There are a lot of different subscription beauty boxes out there and I think they’re fab. You could get a few months subscription, or even a whole year for them if you can afford it. Then they get sent the beauty boxes each month. I think they’re a nice option as you get to try out a variety of new things each month.

I hope these suggestions have been of help. Good luck with the rest of your Christmas shopping!

Laura x

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