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I have written a lot about my problematic skin over the last 10 months since starting my blog and the struggle is still very real. Just recently I have been suffering a lot from pesky skin problems and can’t seem to shift my spots or dry skin patches. I have been using my Magnitone Lucid brush again religiously lately to try to find a cleansing method that works. 2 products that I have been using to try to combat my skin lodgers are the Witch Bursting Beads face Wash and Witch doctor skin treatment gel.


I have been using the face wash with my Lucid Brush once a day to try to keep my skin clean and keep pores unblocked. I do like the product itself and it isn’t too harsh on the skin. I have had a problem with tea tree and witch hazel in certain products in the past but this one hasn’t given me any skin problems. Once I finish this one, I will be changing to a different product to try to find the cleanser that works for me.


The skin treatment gel; I have been using to dab onto spots on a night before bed to try to blitz the zit shall we say. It has definitely soothed my skin however it can be a tad stingy when a spot is quite exposed.  I like that the gel dries quickly and doesn’t leave a film or a greasey feel to your skin.


Overall I would definitely purchase the skin treatment gel again but I’m not sure the face wash has enough power to help my poor skin out. It’s a fantastic product and I reckon if you only get 1 or 2 spots then this is a winner but my face is suffering quite badly at the minute and I need something that will help fight it’s battle.

Thanks for reading.

Laura x

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