Getting Back to Basics

Lately, I am ashamed to say I have slipped with my skincare routine a few times. Tut Tut I hear you all say but unfortunately it’s been pure laziness some times and I hold my hands up in full on shame mode. It’s the start of 2016 and I am officially back on the skincare bandwagon and determiend to get my skin into better condition.


I am horrified with how my skin has gotten lately and have been treating myself to some more expensive skincare options in order to find the right combination. I have been using my Magnitone Lucid brush again to try and combat those pesky breakouts and keep my skin smooth. Like every woman, I suffer with breakouts more so when hormones are flaring but this is just a fact of life, I doubt I’ll ever fight that problem.

I am inspired by Em over My Pale Skin Blog who has posted some incredible videos featuring her skin woes and some pictures on her Instagram showing her skin progress. It makes me think there is at least some hope that my skin can improve even if it is a long process and a slog.

I will be sharing more barefaced selfies this year after feeling incredibly proud of myself doing it last year. I hope any of you reading this will be inspired to share your own stories if you have had skincare issues and leave me a comment to say Hi.

Laura x


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