Fudge Clean Blonde Shampoo

Those of you who see my selfie’s from time to time will have seen my ombre hairstyle I have been rocking for the last 2 years. I have naturally very dark hair and tried my hardest to make the ombre work and look as natural as possible. Unfortunately as those of you with blonde hair out there will know, your hair can start to look yellowy or even brassy in colour. I have tried various shampoos over the last couple of years and thought I would do a bit of a review on one I have been using for over 2 months now. I give you …… Fudge Clean Blonde.


I started using this shampoo when I was visiting my aunt in New Zealand and noticing the blonde was getting brassy looking. I had made the earlier decision to leave my blonde shampoo at home in favour of more suitcase space! I used it once a week in order to brighten up those blonde bits and it definitely made a difference. I saw an instant improvement after only 1 wash so I continued using a small amount every week. It does state on the bottle to wear gloves or wash your hands immediately after usage. The reason being, the violet tones and deep purple colour definitely stain your hands so be warned.

After using it in the same way for 2 months, I noticed after 1 particular wash the other week, an odd lilac colour to my blonde. Holy Crap! I had managed to stain my barnet lilac. I immediately started worrying that I had left it in too long or not rinsed it correctly. I calmed down and realised unfortunately it was one of life’s silly mistakes and god knows how I managed it, but sure enough a bit of my hair was on the lilac side.

Don’t worry it wasn’t noticeable unless I pointed it out so if this is a shampoo you use, it’s ok to keep using it. It’s a fab shampoo and I will keep using it in future. At the moment I am waiting for my hairdresser’s appt in a weeks time and am planning on having a fair chunk of hair cut off. This will probably take most of the ombre out of my hair so the blonde shampoo will more than likely go in a cupboard for a while until I fancy a change-up again in my hair.

I hope you found this a useful review.

Laura x

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