Freebies: How To Get Free Perfume Samples

Let’s face it! Everyone loves a Freebie!

Most quality perfumes are expensive. Spending money on an expensive bottle of perfume can be frustrating, especially if you find that you don’t like the fragrance as much as you think you did after a few days. It is best to try different samples before you decide which perfume you want to buy. Getting free or very affordable samples is easy and will help you save money and find the right perfume.

1. Visit Local Shopping Centres

Stores like Debenhams and other department stores usually have an excellent selection of perfumes. You can get free samples for new products or for perfumes that are being promoted at the moment. If you are interested in a specific perfume, ask the staff about getting a small sample. They will usually take a bottle and create a sample you can take home.

You can also test a perfume by going to a nearby department store to try the perfume. If you don’t want to wear the perfume right away, bring some small cotton balls and zip lock bags to a department store to make your own perfume samples.

Make sure you write the name of each perfume you sample on the bag. This is a good way to test a perfume before you decide to purchase it since some notes usually become more noticeable than others after a few hours.

2. Ask For Samples At The Register

Some stores will only give out free samples to customers. The cashiers will usually give you a few samples when you purchase a perfume, but it doesn’t hurt to ask if you can have some samples if you are purchasing other products. Don’t hesitate to ask for a sample of a specific perfume you have been wanting to try, even if you are making a small purchase.

Department stores want you to come back and buy a perfume so obtaining some free samples should not be difficult.

Getting Samples online

1. Check The Perfume Brand’s Website

You should check the official site of your favourite perfume brands. Some brands give out free samples on their website. You can usually find information about samples on the homepage.

If you don’t see anything about free samples, check the menu for a section that says freebies or free samples.

2. Contact The Brand

If you can’t find information about free samples on the site of the perfume brand you are interested in, the best thing to do is to write to the brand. Look for an address on the official site and send a letter to ask for some free samples. You may or may not receive the samples you asked for but it doesn’t cost anything to try.

Check the bottom of the homepage or look for a contact us or about us section on the official site of the brands you are interested in.

3. Look For New Products

It is easier to find samples if you are interested in a perfume that was just released. This is a common way to promote new releases. Subscribe to the newsletters of your favourite brands to keep up with the latest products. You should do some research on brands you have never tried before since getting free samples could be an opportunity to try some new products from these brands.

New brands and brands that release new products usually hand out free samples to gain new customers.

4. Subscribe To Freebie Sites

There are freebie sites that regularly share updates about opportunities to get free samples and products. You should check freebie sites regularly and subscribe to updates for perfumes samples and other products you are interested in. You can usually look for specific brands or products or use these sites to try new perfumes you have never heard of before. 

Never share your payment information on freebie sites and take the time to carefully read everything before requesting free samples.

You can also check reviews to find the best freebie sites. Ask your friends if they can recommend a good freebie site.

5. Check Department Store Websites

Some department store websites offer free samples. You will for instance get free samples on Sephora when you place an online order. You can usually choose which samples you would like to receive when placing an order.

You will get your free samples with most purchases on websites & you will usually get free samples when you place an order on a perfume site.

There are lots of ways to essentially try before you buy and rather than spritz hundreds of perfumes on your arms whilst in a store, this is a decent alternative to finding your next new fragrance.

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