Face D Instant Hydrating Anti-Ageing Mask*

The lovely people over at Lloyd’s Pharmacy contacted me last month to try out a range of sheet masks they stock by Face D. As well as the sheet masks, they sent me some fab eye masks, which I will be share with you in a couple of weeks. The masks are hydrating sheets which replenish the skin’s natural moisture. The official line from the company is

“The proven effectiveness of hyaluronic acid, enriched with a pool of biocompatible acids and a radiance complex, stimulates natural cutaneous renewal mechanisms: smoother, brighter and firmer complexion with a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles was reported in 80% of subjects tested after one month”


I started using the masks a couple of weeks ago and generally used them when I was just laid down in bed etc as it’s far easier to keep the sheet on your face when you are lying down and not walking around the house etc. It says on the box to keep the mask on your face for around 20 minutes to get the full power of the mask itself.

I would say my skin definitely felt hydrated after using the mask each time. As it’s typically an anti-ageing mask, prevention is better than cure in my opinion and I am fully onboard with the anti-ageing products at the age of 24. I would rather prevent the wrinkles now than try to fix them later.

The mask when on, could be quite a scary sight so I would avoid opening the front door etc as someone may get quite the fright….


I absolutely love these Face D Hydrating Anti-Ageing masks as there is no faff of removing the mask after i.e.peeling it off, washing it off etc. They are a steal at the moment on the Lloyd’s Pharmacy site reduced from £14.99 to £9.99. I would definitely recommend these masks to anyone as a refreshing solution to anti-ageing and will be writing my review of the eye masks in the next couple of weeks so keep a look out.

Thanks for reading

Laura x

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  1. Hi Laura
    I’ll give these face sheets a go& try to get some today.

    A girl needs to take care of her looks

    Ailsa Foulds

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