Face D De-puffing Eye masks*

You may have caught my earlier post in the last week about the Face D hydrating sheet masks that I have been fortunate enough to try out, well now it is time to tell you about the Face D de-puffing eye masks I was also lucky enough to try out. Cue more scary face photos…

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If you follow the instructions on the packaging then you should use these under eye masks twice a week to reduce under eye bags and puffiness. I don’t luckily suffer massively with eye bags, just when I’m really stressed out and tired. However I am big into prevention at the moment so I have enjoyed using them. “They are full of green tea extract, ginko biloba and aloe, with decongesting and moisturizing properties that help your eyes look visibly rested and luminous.” I could definitely see my eyes looking brighter after using them as recommended, although the first time I used them, I put them too close to my eyelashes and struggled to actually see for 10 seconds before adjusting.


I have really enjoyed using the Face D Instant Effect De-puffing Eye Masks and would definitely use them again. They are fab if you are just having a bath and want to relax and have a pamper as they just stick on and peel off again with no hassle or mess. They are currently on sale on the Lloyds Pharmacy site for £7.99 and well worth the price so don’t miss out.

Hope you enjoyed my mission to less eye baggage!

Laura x

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