Drinking my Skin to better condition

If you are hoping for an alcohol-skin linked post then turn away now! I’m afraid this post is all about the liquid health supplements I’ve been testing out in order to improve the condition and look of my skin.

The lovely folk of LQ Liquid Health recently got in touch and asked me if I would like to test out a 10 day supply of their LQ Advanced skin care and being a big skincare fan, I thought it would be fab to try something a little different.


These little 50ml bottles contain 5000mg of marine collagen, aloe vera, turmeric, hyaluronic acid and a few other ingredients to promote and maintain healthy looking skin. I bet you’re all sat there reading this and thinking, god I bet that tastes weird. And you would be spot on! These little drinks have a slight orangey taste but I cannot lie, they definitely taste a little fishy.


The best way I found of drinking them was first thing in the morning and drinking it in a couple of gulps. Then I would wash it down with a pint of water which is part of my morning routine anyway. It sounds pretty extreme I suppose but actually once you got used to drinking them, the taste wasn’t so bad.


For the best effects, LQ recommend drinking them for at least a month and for even stronger results, then for 3-4 months. I only tested a 10 day supply so it was pretty hard to judge any change in my skin condition. I saw some improvements in any new spots appearing which was good and can say that once I stopped drinking them, spots started to appear again rather annoyingly. This shows that the product obviously works in ways and continued usage would probably have even better results on the skin.

Will I use these again?

Yes, I already have another 20 day supply at home ready to get my skin looking incredible.

How much are these?

For £29.99 you get a 10 day supply but the more boxes you buy, they offer a discount which is fab.

I would definitely suggest trying these drinks if you are looking for an alternative skincare option and seeing if they work for you as well.

Laura x

*the drinks were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review. all thoughts are my own as usual*

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