Buying your Beauty Products in Bulk

If you love beauty then you will relate to this post. Once you find a product you like, you want to buy it in bulk without going mad on your budget.

One way to do this could be buying from a salon wholesaler such as Capital Hair & Beauty. I had a browse on their site and picked out some of my favourite products they offer:

Hi Brow Growth & Conditioning Serum

Sienna X Gradual Glowing Self Tan 200ml

SBC Collagen Gel 250ml

Dr Paw Paw 25ml Yellow Original Clear Balm

SBC Vitamin E Gel 1000ml

These are all on offer for reasonable prices and now I know they sell SBC products, I will be sure to look here first for some of my favourite gel based products. It’s an alternative to the traditional drugstore shop and offers you some of those salon based products you can’t normally buy anywhere other than salons themselves.

Thanks for reading

Laura x

*this has been a collaborative post but all content is my own and photos are from Capital Hair and Beauty website*

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