Born Pretty: What A Beauty?

Way back before Christmas I was contacted to work with the lovely people at BornPrettyMakeup who I avidly followed on Twitter. I was more than thrilled having perused the site and found some amazing beauty bargains on there. Unfortunately due to travel commitments and generally being a bad blogger, I am only just getting round to writing up a post about the site. Luckily they have been so lovely about it and I’m keen to share the site and some of the amazing products on there.


I chose to review a few of the lovely bits and was keen to compare them once they arrived. I chose a gorgeous pink lip liner, a bright pink lipstick and a great little sculpted brush for eyeshadow or even highlighting the cheek bones.

I love the colour of the lip liner and lipstick however it’s not my normal shade. the consistency is perfect on both of them and really easy to apply and use. The colour lasted really well when I tested it out and I thought I would swatch to show you below.


They have some amazing bargains on this site and all in, these three items totalled less than $12 which is amazing considering that’s $’s as well, not £’s.The makeup brush is super soft and bristles haven’t come off yet which is great considering it’s such a bargain. I normally never expect things like this to last this well. They do all sorts of items including jewellery, hair items, makeup and makeup brushes, Nail polish and gel as well as nail art accessories. They even have items of clothing, phone cases and tablet cases, stationary items, homeware items and even watches. I absolutely love this site and in terms of shipping, I was really impressed with the time scales it took to be delivered. I thought it would take around a month to arrive but it only took a couple of weeks.

I have an exclusive 10% off code, which makes the bargains even more crazy and definitely makes you want to spend more money. So don’t waste time, check out this great site and grab some fab bits and pieces.

Laura x


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