Bleach London Dip Dye Kit

Back in March I decided to have my hair cut short after having it mid-way down my back for the last 6 months. This meant most of my ombre locks were chopped off in the process and my idea was to wait a while and leave my hair natural for a while. Needless to say this lasted a whole 5 minutes and I wanted my ombre putting back in. I have paid for salons to do it in the past and paid a fortune to have the smallest amount of hair bleached so this time I decided to put to test the Bleach London Dip Dye kit.

I am fortunate enough to live at home with my mum so she came to the rescue and helped me out with this one as I can’t reach the back of my head to do the back bits properly. Mum got on her gloves and sorted my do out. The packet contained Bleaching powder, Blending lotion, developing lotion, Brush, Gloves and a reincarnation Mask.



You start by splitting you hair into 3 sections and go to the point where you would like the ombre to start from. At this point you rub in the blending lotion into a couple of cm’s of hair. You should mix up the bleaching powder and developing lotion and start brushing it onto your hair from where the blending lotion stops. Where both parts meet you should massage your hair slightly so the blending lotion gives it a nice fade in to the ombre and doesn’t make it look blocky.

Repeat this all over your hair until happy with the results and leave to work its magic on your hair for about 40-45 minutes.


After this you rinse your hair twice before lathering on the reincarnation mask and leaving it on the hair for around 15-20 minutes. This stops the bleach from drying your hair out and gives it a super soft texture. Once all the time is up you wash your hair as normal and style as you see fit.

I was pleased with the overall results and plan to use the kit again in a month or so to give it a refresh and maybe start the blonde a bit higher next time. Here were my results….


The kit is on sale from Boots for a bargain £7 and to say the results were so fab, it’s a fraction of the price I paid in the salon for not as great results. If you are wanting to ombre your hair or re-ombre then I would thoroughly recommend Bleach London.

Hope you enjoyed

Laura x

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